Continuous Temperature Monitoring

GraceSense™ Hot Spot Monitor (HSM) is a non-conductive temperature monitoring device that identifies potential hot spots and enables user to predict the failures in an electrical equipment.  Identifying faults before they occur saves money when unplanned outages, service interruptions, and equipment failures are avoided. Design and communication flexibility allows the HSM to be used as either stand-alone or fully integrated into a plant wide information system.  Plant wide integration is made simple when the device is connected via MODBUS TCP I/P or Ethernet I/P to the facility’s SCADA/ DCS systems while stand-alone application is made possible with GraceSense™ web interface to configure temperature thresholds, monitoring intervals and relay outputs.

NFPA 70B, Chapter 17.9 Loose Connections:

"Excessive heat in a circuit breaker can cause a malfunction in the form of nuisance tripping and possibly an eventual failure. Loose connections are the most common cause of excessive heat. Periodic maintenance checks should involve checking for loose connections or evidence of overheating..."


Did you know?

Scheduling the right maintenance at the right time directly impacts productivity, too late and costly breakdowns occur. The integrity of internal bolted connections can be compromised when electrical equipment is subjected to vibrations, wide load fluctuations and high harmonics.